Pet Preparedness infographic

Pet Preparedness

In emergencies, your pets need supplies and emergency plans too. Check out this guide to make sure your pet has everything they need when disaster strikes!


Food: Prepare at least 3 days of food packed for your pet.

Water: Make sure to have a 3-day supply of bottled water for your pet.

Medication: Store a 2-week supply of medications for your pet.

Make sure to check all of these supplies at least 2 times a year to make sure they are still good!


Prepare: Before a disaster even occurs, research shelters that accept pets because many don't. Don't assume.

Plan: Always plan to bring your pet, along with their go-bag, with you when you evacuate.

Pack: Remember, you need to pack smart. With limited room, it's important to pack essentials for your pet.


Dogs: Pack an extra long leash to give  them more room for exercise, while staying in control.

Cats: Bring an aluminum roasting pan instead of a bulky litter box.

Fish: Set aside an easy to transport carrier for emergencies.

Birds: Bring along a blanket or towel to drape over their cage.

American Public Health Association