Summer storms infographic

With summer storms come risks. Follow these steps to help you and your family stay safe.

Risk #1: Flooding
• Move to higher ground.
• Listen for emergency alerts and evacuate if directed.
• Do not walk or drive through standing water.

Risk #2: High winds
• Head to your pre-designated shelter spot.
• Stay away from windows!
• If driving, pull over and secure your seat belt.

Risk #3: Power outage
• In your emergency stockpile kit include:
— flashlights
— batteries
— a portable charger.
• Charge your devices before a storm.

Risk #4: Water contamination
• Flooding can make tap water unsafe. Have a gallon of water per person per day stored —for pets too!
• Pay attention to emergency boil water notices.

Risk #5: Lightning
• When thunder roars, get indoors! If you’re outside, get inside right away. If you can’t get indoors, avoid open fields, tops of hills and tall objects.

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