Winter storms infographic

Winter storms: 6 tips for staying safe

Winter storms can cause power outages, create dangerous road and walkway conditions and damage communities. Follow these easy tips to protect yourself and your loved ones in a storm!

1) Learn the terms
ADVISORY: Hazardous conditions expected
WATCH: Possible storm — tune in for updates and prepare
WARNING: A storm exists or will soon occur

2) Winterize your:
Car: Check your battery, brakes, antifreeze, heater
Home: Insulate your home, check your heating system, prepare for power outages, make an emergency kit

3) Dress for extreme cold
Layers, gloves, hat, face mask or scarf

4) Know where to go
Stay: If you have help or you are safe and warm
Go: If you are in danger and help is nearby

5) Account for loved ones
Check that family and friends are safe and listen to local advisories

6) Restock and assess
Restock your emergency supplies and assess how to be more prepared in the future


American Public Health Association